- We see that many of you courses are inhouse courses specially taylored for jobcenters? Are these courses also open for participants from outside?
- Every course is based on the same general curriculum. Only the selection of the volunteer clients whith whom we train interview techniques etc. depends a little bit on the profile of the group of trainees. The participation of trainees from outside depends on the decision of the jobcenter. Just call us for information.


- Why do you call the GCDF 'JobPromotor' in Germany? Why does a particular website http://www.job-promotor.de exist?
- The terms of 'GCDF' and 'facilitating' in general have not been common to most of our trainees. However, the JobPromotor certificate is provided by our training partners, saying that the bearer has passed a theoretical and practical examination according to Academic standards.
The certification policy of NBCC ("we certify professionals") is slightly different with its focus on ongoing practice and continuous education. So most of our trainees bear two certificates.



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